What do I need to do before the puppy arrives?

Five weeks tomorrow until our puppy comes home!!!
We are still to choose which one will become our little man but now at 3 weeks of age they are starting to become a whole lot more active. In the next two weeks we will be able to narrow it down and hopefully in 3 weeks time I will be able to tell you which one will be ours!!
With only five weeks to go, my brain is ticking, there is a lot to do to get ready for the arrival of our little man.
But where should I start??
Here is a little checklist that I have put together of the things I need to do or organize before our pup comes home.
What do I need to buy for the puppy?
·       Bedding
·       Puppy food
·       Collar, lead and name tag with your details engraved
·       Water and food bowl
·       Chew toys
·       Grooming equipment
What do I need to do to prepare the house?
·       Doggy door
·       Puppy proof your house
·       Puppy proof your garden
·       Baby gates – minimise the pup going up and down our stairs
And what else do I need to do?
·       Decide where the pup will sleep
·       Decide what areas of the house the pup will be allowed to go
·       Take something to the breeders, an old towel or blanket. That way when you take your pup home you will have something that smells familiar, it will make pups first night away from his mum and litter a little easier
·       Decide what you will feed your pup
·       Book your pup into a puppy school. Socialization is crucial at a young age
·       Pet insurance
·       Choosing a vet. You should always take your puppy to the vet for a routine check soon after taking him home
·       Let the neighbours know you are getting a pup and they may hear some crying the first few nights.
In next weeks post, I will go in to way more detail on puppy proofing your home and garden as they are very important steps for you and your puppy’s health.
3 weeks old and growing!



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