Educational Workshops

Cooper and Kids offers support in schools, to dog professionals and childbirth professionals to encourage success between babies, toddlers, older children and family dogs.

Cooper and Kids is available to run Dog and Child Safety education sessions in Schools. Unfortunately, dog bites to kids are on the rise and the statistics show that it’s generally from the family dog or a dog the child know. That is why we run child and dog education programs in schools for children as we truly believe that prevention is key and education need to begins early on. Our program is designed to be fun, interactive and engaging and will help give the children some key messages to take home on being safe around dogs. It’s suitable for kids with dogs, without dogs and even for children who may have a fear of dogs.  We do not bring real dogs into the classroom – pretend dogs are used to role play with the children. This keep all kids feeling happy and relaxed whilst not stressing out a real dog by bringing into a busy classroom. We have programs for kinder aged children and school aged children.

Cooper and Kids offers support to dog professionals. Want to learn more about working with kids and dogs but don’t know where to start? Get in touch and we can run workshops for you and your team.

Cooper and Kids offers support to child birth professionals. Have us come in for an information session on all things kids and dogs. Where possible we love getting in front of families before they bring their new baby home from hospital so can come and do information sessions to yourself or your clients.

Cooper and Kids is also available to run education sessions to the public on how to meet your dogs needs, the importance of using positive reinforcement science based training methods on top of understanding and being able to read dog body language. Ultimately, pairing these correctly will help to shape a beautiful relationship between you and your dog and give your dog a happier life.


Testimonials From Our Workshops

Dog and Child Safety in Schools

“The Preps had a fantastic session learning about dog safety with Mel. The environment was calm and safe for those students who were apprehensive and hesitant about dogs. Students had the opportunity to practise essential skills of communicating safely with dogs and how to approach them appropriately. Mel immediately connected with students by sharing photos of her pets and allowed students to share the names of their dogs. The session was engaging and fun too, we look forward to having her back next year!” 

From MJ, Prep teacher at Mount Scopus College

Dog and Child Safety in Kinders

Mel spent time with our 4-5 year-old kinder class and was incredibly warm, engaging, patient and fun with our group! The children responded so well to Mel’s videos, songs and role playing of ways to positively engage with dogs and empower children to make responsible decisions when around animals. The children continued talking about Mel and her program in the days following, a real indication of their enjoyment and take aways from their time with Mel!”

From Romy, Kinder Teacher at Mount Scopus College

Workshop for Dog Professionals

“Mel delivered two fantastic workshops for our team at Bondi Behaviourist on Dogs and Babies and Dogs and Toddlers. Both workshops gave us not only solid foundations on how to approach working in these situations but also layers of details and considerations that might not come to mind without the level of expertise that Mel offers. We loved having her around, she’s warm and friendly and full of knowledge. We can’t wait to have her back up again in the future.” 

Ian Shivers, Founder of Bondi Behaviourist.

Educational Workshops for the Public

Testimonials From Our Workshops“Never realised that I haven’t been listening to my dog well enough until today” Denise, attended workshop on dog body language.

“What a great educational class ! EVERY dog owner needs to hear this!!!!” Julie attended workshop on understanding your dog better.


Get in touch via the form below to discuss what you are after. Prices range depending on how many people, where the session will be held and how long the session will run for.