How to tell your dog you’re pregnant…

How to tell your dog you’re pregnant…

My first scan with Harper

It doesn’t usually happen, but I got sucked in. I bought a book called “how to tell your dog you’re pregnant.”

Turns out they already know.

In fact, after a bit of research I found some interesting facts about a dog’s early ability to detect pregnancy and definitely saw this play out with Cooper.

Might I just add, if you have the book or know the book I’m talking about, it is a brilliant and a must read to prepare your dog before having your baby.


Dogs detect changes in our odour.

Pregnant women are bursting with hormones. And hormones can alter the body odour of humans. Dogs have an innate ability to pick up on these changes. I mean, I don’t think they actually comprehend what’s about to happen (i.e. a baby coming out of your vag in 9 months time) but they definitely know that something is going on. I could tell very early on that Cooper knew I was pregnant. Dogs can often become a bit more protective and I noticed this with Coop. In his early days, he was never much of a barker. But just before I found out I was pregnant with Harper, Cooper howled one night when Jase was out. He had heard something outside and was letting me know. It was so out of character and it went on to happen a few times during my pregnancy when I was home alone.

How to tell your dog you’re pregnant…

Cooper giving Harper some kisses in my belly!

Dogs detect body language.

I struggled with Pelvic instability during my pregnancy with Harper, there were days it was so painful that I could hardly walk. In some respects, Cooper was great and really understanding as it impacted him and the exercise he got. I also had terrible morning sickness for the first 17 weeks of both pregnancies and again, Coop was very understanding and patient with the decrease in walks and my energy levels. In fact, when I look back on this, the change in lifestyle was a great insight into life with kids, as daily walks and exercise routines were about to become less regular. As I got more and more pregnant, Cooper became a little bit cheeky. He ran off from me a couple of times in the dog park. He was two at this stage so his recall should have been perfect given how much training we did with him, but it wasn’t. So, I took this opportunity as a training experience. I started taking treats with me again to the park and practising and positively reinforcing his off-lead recall. This helped a lot. I knew that if I wanted to bring a baby with me to the dog park, then Cooper could not be running off from me!

How to tell your dog you’re pregnant…

My second pregnancy. This time i think Cooper knew exactly what was coming.

Dogs detect our moods.

As many of you know, pregnancy can be a roller coaster of emotion.

In the lead up to falling pregnant with Harper, I was quite down in the dumps, it took us some time and we had some issues along the way. I was home a lot and Cooper was there with me all the way. Apart from my hubby, he was really the one thing that helped cheer me up during this time. I couldn’t have gotten through that hard time in my life without him.


Dogs detect our pain.

Cooper knew when I was in labour (and F*$K it was painful!) As my contractions started getting more and more painful, he came up to me when I was lying on the bed and started licking my face to help me get through it. Looking back, that affection and support just makes me love him that much more, although at the time, I’m not sure I appreciated it so much.


How bloody clever are dogs?!


Mel xox



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