Our favourite activities when stuck at home with kids and a dog

From one extreme to another here in Melbourne, Australia the past week. Extreme heat to torrential rain! We definitely found ourselves very housebound. Here are some things we did to survive the past week…


  • Jumping in muddy puddles

We had so much rain here the last few days. We decided to embrace it. Don’t be precious. Put your kids in some gumboots, a rain jacket and their undies! Join them. Find some puddles and go nuts! We had a ball. Our dog loves the rain too so he was very happy to join in.

  • Early morning walks on the super-hot days

Please be careful in extreme heat. Play it safe. Dogs, like people are prone to sunstroke. So, try and get a walk in before it gets too hot. If you can’t hold your hand on the footpath for more than 5 seconds because of the heat, then you should not be walking your dog as they can burn their paw pads.


  • Baking

Harper loves to bake. Well, she loves to help with anything in the kitchen, as long as she gets to taste test as she goes. Jump online and google some healthy recipes. There are so many delicious and fun things you can make with your kids.

  • Hide and seek with the kids


  • Hide and seek with the dog – using food and/or toys

Cooper loves it when we hide his toys or treats around the house and make him go find them. This is a good one for the whole family to get involved in. The kids love hiding his things and watching him try find them. It’s a great mentally stimulating game for your dog.


  • Invite people over


  • Concerts and puppet shows

My kids love to perform and put on concerts for us! Turn on some fun tunes and get up and dance with them!! It’s the best! Puppet shows are also amazing because they can actually make the puppets first which is another time waster.


  • Arts and Crafts

No need to expand on this one. Get messy and have some fun!

  • Movies

We try not to watch too much tv but rainy days or extremely hot days can sometimes call for movies on the couch!! Just do it and enjoy it! 


  • Playing fetch with the dog and kids

Sometimes Cooper gets cabin fever on the days we can’t get out and he just wants to play. Throwing a ball up the corridor for him, helps get some of his energy out. The kids love doing it with him too.


  • Running races up and down the corridor to get out their energy

And yes the dog gets involved with this too – he loves it.


  • Water play

We use a kiddie pool, the hose, buckets and spades. The kids and dog LOVE this!! Put it in a shady spot if you can and be sun smart. If you don’t have a kiddie pool, just fill up some tubs, buckets, tupperware, etc. So much fun!

  • Reading books


  • Build our own cubby house

Use the kitchen chairs and some old sheets. Grab a torch, Some pillows, some books.


  • Dress ups

If you don’t have actual dress up costumes at home. Bring out some of your old clothes and jewelry. The kids will love it!

Have a read of this article for some more enriching ideas to help make your dogs day more exciting and provide them with more mental stimulation.

Do you have any other great ideas?? Please share them with us! We would love to add some more to our list.

I hope this helps next time you’re stuck in your house!

Mel xox

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Disclaimer: Cooper and Kids will not be liable for anything that happens to you, your dog or children by following the advice and tips in this article. If you have real concerns or worries about your dog and/or safety of your children, please seek out a professional to come and assess the situation asap.



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