Choosing the Right Puppy from the Litter

The pups are almost 5 weeks old now and Jase and I have just come back from our weekly visit. They have been venturing outdoors now for a week and are eating solid foods. Now that they are exploring the big wide world, their little personalities and temperaments are starting to come out.
Choosing a reputable breeder means they will actually care about which home their pups go to. They will want to make sure that each pup’s temperament will suit the home it will be going to. David and Kerryn have been amazing with this. They have been getting to know all of us who are getting one of their pups and assessing our personalities and our lifestyles to try and find the best pup to suits us.
Although Jase and I both work full time, we are both very active and will make sure we take our pup/dog out twice a day. Plus, when the pup is a bit older he will spend two days a week at our parents places with other dogs so he isn’t left home alone too often.
So what are we looking for? 
We would love a pup that is ok at being on his own, is not the rowdy pup in the litter, but is also not the most timid pup hiding in the corner. We want an even temperament – a pup that is happy to play with us and happy to be left alone and will come to us when we try to interact with him.
Many people feel sorry or attracted to the one in the corner because it is so cute, however they tend to be suspicious, sound shy, nervous their whole life.  The rowdy one is often hard to control on lead, dog distracted, play rough, high energy however they can actually become really good working dogs.
It all depends on what you are after, but generally I think that middle of the road is best and that is what Jase and I are going for.
Here are five tips for you to use when trying to find the pups that fits in the middle…
1. Pup comes to you when you interact with it
2. Pup cuddles up and likes being patted, climbs onto your knee or sits next to you
3. Pup lays on its back with some struggle and eye contact but can relax
4. Pup is happy to interact with you again after you let it up
5. Pup is happy and relaxed when elevated, will look around the room
Today David and Kerryn have told us that ‘Brown Man’ – the pup wearing the brown collar will be our little man!! We are over the moon! He is actually the pup that has been in my weekly photos. We already love him to pieces and can’t wait to bring him home!

21 sleeps to go… 
Cooper at 5 weeks old



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