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LickiMat Yoggie Slow Feeder Pot


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NEW From LickiMat is the Yoggie Pot! Another great addition to the LickiMat range!

There are many benefits of using LickMats and slow feeders, licking is known to produce those feel good hormones in dogs, helping to reduce your pets stress and anxiety.


  • Reduce Anxiety, Stress and Boredom
  • Gives them something fun to do in their day
  • Slows down your dogs eating, helping reduce bloat, aids digestion
  • Perfect for soft or runny treats like wet food, yogurt, mashed fruits and veggies or soaked kibbles
  • Particularly useful for training and travel, as it can be easily filled, cleaned, and carried in a bag

Shipping Information

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Made from Plant based Rubber

Developed by vets

Dimensions: 11cm x 10cm x 11cm

Care instructions: The Yoggie Pot is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer friendly. Wash after every use and dry after washing.

*Always supervise your pet. If your pet chews the Yoggie Pot remove it and repeat the process until your pet learns not to chew it.