Hi, I’m Mel!

I am that crazy dog lady friend you never had but always wanted. And now as a mum of three gorgeous human babies – Harper (aged 5.5), Paxton (aged 4) and Brooklyn (aged 1), I would love to share my journey into motherhood and the juggle between being a mum, a wife and big time dog lover.

I have completed an Accredited Professional Dog Obedience Trainer Course through the Australian Dog Trainers Academy, an online course in Dog Psychology and Training. And just recently I was lucky enough to have completed the incredible course with Professor Susan Friedman called Living and learning with Animals. The Science and technology of behaviour change.  I am also a dog walker, a dog minder and get the biggest kick out of assisting friends and family with choosing the right dog for them and helping with their many behavioural problems.

Cooper and Kids started out about six years ago as ‘mydogjourney’ which was a blog aimed at educating people about getting and raising a new puppy. Through my journey I wanted to guide new dog owners and answer all those questions you may have. Looking back at my earlier posts, they are there to help educate people who haven’t had much experience with dogs and need a little push in the right direction when making the big decisions.

And now as a mum of three human babies, I really want to focus on educating parents with the do’s and don’ts of living with kids and dogs together. So, Cooper and Kids is my story of motherhood and the juggle between being a mum, a wife and a crazy dog lady.