Vaccinations, Microchipping and a Big Group Photo!

With only one more week until Cooper comes home, it has been a busy and tiring weekend for the pups!! 
They were vaccinated and microchipped on Saturday and they had their group photo taken today.
Why do puppies need to be vaccinated?

Puppies are at risk of a number of serious diseases, including parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis 

among others. These diseases can be fatal so vaccinating against them is vital. The first vaccination is generally given at 6 – 8 weeks of age, the second at 12 weeks of age and 14 – 16 weeks of age for the final vaccination. Boosters should then be given yearly.


Why do pups need to be microchipped?
A microchip is a permanent identification device implanted under the skin, allowing a quick and easy return if your puppy ever gets lost.
It is law that all pups must be microchipped. The legislation applies to anyone in Victoria who advertises a dog/puppy for sale as they need to be permanently identified and that microchip number must appear in the advertisement.
Group Photo Shoot
For every litter that David and Kerryn have had they take a group photo of the puppies all sitting in a row. This time, they asked for my help and let me tell you – it is much harder to do than it looks!! I was pre warned that there may be some yelling and arguing in the process, but everyone was very well behaved!

The trick is to tire the pups first so they are very sleepy and relaxed. We then lined them all up on a small table outside and three of us lay behind trying to hold the puppies still whilst not being seen in the photo. One person recorded the order the pups were sitting in so we can know which was which. Another person stood behind Kerryn, who was the photographer for the day, making noises so the pups would look up at the camera. Another person was collecting the pups as they were trying to jump off the table and run away and another was straightening them up as they sat in a line.

Cooper Eating his Brothers Head

Here is the final shot that David and Kerryn chose from the 377 photos Kerryn took during the ‘photo shoot’.

Group Photo – SO CUTE!!
Only 7 more sleeps to go…



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