To get a dog or not to get a dog?!…

It is a proven fact that dogs make people happier. I researched it in my final year of psychology and the statistics are incredible. They are brilliant for all ages and in particular children and the elderly. They teach you how to care for something other than yourself, they keep you fit and healthy, they always get excited when you come home and they give you unconditional love. They genuinely make people happy and healthier. And they always put a smile on your face.

However, when my mum first saw this blog she sent me an email saying:

“Mel – that looks fantastic! But no mention though of a mother who bought the food, fed the dog, paid the massive vet bills, paid for pet insurance, bought all the dog equipment and toys, walked him daily, cleaned up the wee in the house and the poo in the garden… that’s the real prelude to having a dog. Hopefully your blog will reflect everything for it to be a reality for new dog owners 🙂 x”

I guess what my mum was trying to say is that along with all the incredible and rewarding things that comes with having a dog is the reality of the responsibly involved.

So you ask the question – is a dog for me??

The first couple I consulted on getting a puppy actually ended up deciding that a dog was not for them. I felt so horrible that I had talked them out of getting a dog but in the end of the day – although they had a dog a few years back, their life style had changed so much, they didn’t have the time anymore to care for a dog. They were never home and always off traveling and had no interest in training the dog. If they would have gotten a puppy, chances are the puppy would have ended up with serious behavioural problems.

The point of that story is not to talk you out of getting a dog, by any means!! I just want to prepare you so you don’t make the wrong decision. A dog should not be a quick purchase, it shouldn’t be a Christmas present you spring on your partner it is an incredible living and breathing four-legged hairy friend that will be in your family for possibly the next 15 years with responsibilities attached.

Jase and I are both very active people and have discussed how we will handle the responsibilities and the small lifestyle changes we will need to make. We will make sure we take it out twice a day and we are lucky enough to have amazing parents that have committed to being dog sitters during the week if we have long days at work. So really it was a no brainer for us. We LOVE dogs and we will do whatever it takes make it work and bring a dog into our family.



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