The pups have arrived… and I was there for the birth!

Wow what a day!! What a high I was on!!
At 8.30am this morning Lara had her 7 healthy pups by cesearean – 4 males and 3 females.
I met David and Kerryn (the breeders) at the Monash Uni vet and they let me be apart of the whole thing!!
I had never seen a bitch have pups before, let alone by cesearean.
Lara was a trooper as they prepped her she was so chilled and happy. Lara was given some ‘happy drugs’ and put to sleep. We watched them make an incision in Lara’s belly. And then the uterine horns were pulled out – I think that’s what it’s called – it looked like a big sausage sac filled with puppies. The nurses were all standing around getting ready to catch the puppies and tend to their immediate needs and revival. The nurses had to act fast as ALL puppies are born within about minute.
As I was a fist timer to all of this – it was incredible to see them all swing in to action to work on these pups. I learnt that some pups born from cesarean can be slow to come around. As they came out, the nurses removed the sacs, cut the cords, and then we all (including David, Kerryn and myself) began the attempt to get them all breathing. We did this by giving the pups an aggressive rub-down with warm towels, and the vet nurses used a suction device to make sure all the liquid was removed from their lungs.
It was stressful! Two of the pups took longer then the others to come around – and one of them was the one I was rubbing. I have to admit I was a little scared for a moment. But once those pups started to breathe and we heard a little noise from them, we were all relieved!! All the pups were weighed, checked and put in an incubator to stay warm.
Once mum was all stitched up, the nurses put her in a room on hot water bottles and as she woke up slowly, we started introducing her to her pups. It was crucial that she bonded with the pups before we left the vet. It was a special moment. Lara was still quite groggy but we know she will be a beautiful mum. She is now home safe and sound with the puppies and they are all feeding well.
Jase and I are over the moon!! We haven’t chosen our baby yet – we will wait until the pups are about 5 weeks old so we can see a bit more of their personalities first. And then we need to wait until the pups are 8 weeks old before we can take ours home. Thankfully the breeders are awesome and don’t mind if we visit every weekend!! I hope they don’t get sick of us!



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  1. Mel Thurin
    Mel Thurin says:

    I would definitely like to breed a litter at some stage down the track!!! Meeting with all of these breeders has made me want to do it. It's very rewarding, although it is harder work than it looks! I think it's something that I will look at a bit later in life though – I think a family will come first.

  2. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    So great to hear about the details of the birth. I know what you mean about being worried sick about the ones that don't respond early to the rubbing. I've seen this and it's really unnerving until they start moving. Look forward to reading more.

  3. Mel Thurin
    Mel Thurin says:

    Thanks Kruppy! The going rate for a healthy Golden Retriever pup from a good breeder is around $1500. You pay for what you get!! And it's so worth it!!!

  4. Mel Thurin
    Mel Thurin says:

    Thanks melinda!! That unnerving feeling and all the worry is so worth it in the end though!! Can't wait till we can take our gorgeous little pup home!!

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    how incredible you are so lucky! i have had two litters one natural and one cesar both incredible expriences. how are you going to wait 8 weeks!!!! x