The importance of choosing a name

Our pup has been chosen and is coming home in just two weeks!! So in preparation we need to choose a name…
But how do we choose??
Five Tips for Choosing the Best Name for your New Puppy or Dog
1. Pick a short and simple name for your dog that is easy to say.  
You will spend a lot of time with your furry friend in the coming years, so be prepared to say his name in a variety of situations and locations, for example, shouting his name across the park to get his attention. If you want to pick a longer name for your dog, find one that you can shorten so your pup has a ‘nickname’.

2. Most people say you should try to pick a name with two syllables.
Most dog training commands are only one syllable, e.g. Sit, Stay, Down, Come, etc. In this way, a dog can easily differentiate between his name and a command. I have also heard that it’s good to pick a name that starts with a hard consonant. Dogs recognize hard consonants more easily. This should help you to get your dog’s attention faster.
3. Try to pick a dog name that is unique and not similar to the names of family members, close relatives, and close friends.
If your dog has a name that is identical or similar to somebody else in the family, he may get confused and think that you are calling him when the name is used.


4. Name choosing should be a fun family affair.
In this way, everyone feels invested in the dog and will be more willing to accept him into the pack.
5. Use your dog’s name in a positive context only.
This way, your dog will learn to associate his name with rewards and positive outcomes. You shouldn’t use your dog’s name while punishing him because if he consistently gets punished every time his name is called, he will start to think that his name is a bad thing.
After much debate Jase and I have decided on a compromise…
Jase wanted Hendrix and I wanted Cooper. Cooper is much easier to shorten so that is how we made our final decision.
Our gorgeous little man will be called COOPER HENDRIX RITTERMAN!!
Coop for short!
14 more sleeps until we can bring him home…



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, Cooper will be very loved by you I am sure. You have lot's of wonderful years of unconditional love coming your way. And lots of fun and games and mischief. All the very best with your new addition to your family. Sue Birrell