Being a stay at home Mum can be tough, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Especially now, that my first baby is starting Kinder!

As I sit here writing this, Harper, my first born, has her first day of Kinder tomorrow. She is starting school! Is that crazy or is that crazy??!!

My whole life I wanted to be a mum. So, from very early on, I made the decision to be a hands-on, stay at home mum. I am 100% not judgemental of working mums as I absolutely respect that we are all different and some women would go totally insane in my position, but this was my choice. My thoughts behind it are that you have such little time with your kids when they are young, as once they start school at age 3, they’re there until they’re 18! These younger years and all the special moments we have are so precious. I’m not going to sit here and sugar coat it and say that it hasn’t been bloody hard at times and that I wished I could have traded places with my husband some days, and gone to work for the day. But with Harper starting Kinder tomorrow, I am sitting here reflecting and I feel so lucky and blessed to have had so many special memories and moments with her, shaping the little lady she has become. I am not a super emotional person, so I don’t think I will be one of those mums that sits in the car and sobs after I drop her off (again, not being judgemental of those mums as I’m sure there are plenty of you out there, and who knows, I might surprise myself). I am however, a very sentimental person. So, I do think starting kinder/school is a big and very exciting thing, which is why I decided to write this post!

In saying all of this, I’m not going to lie, I am totally ready for Kinder to start, holidays have been looooooooong. Harper is totally ready for some routine and structure again. She loves being busy and as much as it will be an adjustment for her, in a new place with new people, I’m sure she is going to love it! I am excited for the new chapter ahead for her and for Jase and I as parents. I already know some of the parents of the kids in her class, and I look forward to all the new friendships that will be formed for us and more importantly for Harper.

To all of you parents out there with kiddies starting school, good luck and I hope they all have/had a great first day and year ahead. To those parents out there who are feeling scared, anxious, worried about their children, you are not alone! The fear of the unknown, the fear of change, can be very scary for some yet also very exciting for others. Try your best to be a good role model for your kids and not let them sense your fear or anxious feelings. They will be looking to you for support, guidance and reassurance. I’m sure it won’t take long for them to settle in, find their feet and start enjoying themselves. I know Harper is feeling a little anxious tonight. She often gets quite nervous and anxious about the unknown. But I have faith in her, as soon as she sees that the unknown is a fun place to be and she has some familiar faces there, she will be fine. For those of you who aren’t first timers, if you have any tips or advice for us first time kinder/school parents, please feel free to share them with us.

Mel xox



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