So Back to Our Story…

Our story is proof that if you want to get a particular pup from a good breeder,  it doesn’t always happen straight away – you need to be patient. It’s not something to rush into. You will hopefully have your dog for 10-16 years so it will be well worth the wait.

Jase and I both love the Golden Retrievers. Our preference is to find a dark male – with a relaxed temperament. However, we couldn’t find many breeders in Victoria that breed dark Goldens. I touched base with almost every breeder on the Golden Retriever Club of Victoria website as well as speaking to friends and families with amazing Goldens. I found about 3 breeders that had the darker Goldens – which I thought looked and sounded like good reputable breeders. To know for sure, Jase and I went to visit all 3 of them.
Breeder One (Goorambat): The first breeder we went to visit (about 6 months ago), we loved! David and Kerryn’s dogs were gorgeous and dark golden. The house was covered in different dog merchandise – a sign of true dog lovers!! The only problem was that they weren’t 100% sure when they would be breeding again as the last time their girl, Lara, came into season, she didn’t fall pregnant. David and Kerryn told us they were hoping she would come into season again mid June – but they promised to keep in touch and let us know when it happens. Lara came into season early June and has been mated with a beautiful pale boy. 

Breeder Two (Goldensire): The second one we went to we also loved (about 4 months ago)! However, Roxy had just had pups at the time and it was slightly too early for us as we were going overseas on our honeymoon. Plus Roxy was also the lighter of Rhonda’s two dogs – and only had lighter pups in her litter. Rhonda told us that her dark girl, London, would be coming into season in June so we decided to hold off and wait for London. I just received an email from Rhonda- and London has only just come into season (late July) and will be mated with any day now.

Breeder Three (Summerdayz): I had touched base with Darren a long time ago and he told me he would touch base with me when he was having another litter. Darren’s girl, Kali, had puppies two weeks ago so Jase and I went to visit them. Kali is a dark Golden, however she was mated with a light male. Darren has had a very long waiting list of people interested and unfortunately Kali only had 2 dark pups in her litter and Jase and I missed out. However, he still has 2 lighter males available…

All three breeders we visited were fantastic and I would highly recommend all of them. For Jase and I the decision has to come down to timing and being able to choose the pup that best suits us from the litter.  

So which one do you think we should go with?



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  1. Hans van Heesbeen
    Hans van Heesbeen says:

    Having had a very special white GRT and now having a 'special' dark one – Buddy – I'm not so sure about color reflecting quietness because our white GRT, Lisa was perfectly quiet whereas Buddy….! What great research though with some good breeders – as they hold the key to the best possible dogs nature can supply you. Keep up the search and I am sure that the right pup is waiting for you somewhere, sometime……