Families Getting A New Dog

Are you wanting to introduce a new dog or puppy into the home, but you have kids and are wondering where to start with it all?

I know all too well that dog and child dynamics can be a source of frustration for parents. So let’s start out on a positive note. Families need specialised training tailor-made just for them.

I can help you with breed selection so you get a dog that is best suited for your kids and your lifestyle. If you have already selected the perfect puppy/dog for your family, I now offer the Family Dog Private Training program which is customised to get EVERYONE involved. You’ll get all the tools and support you need to get your kids on board, your dog in check and the whole family playing for the same team! It’s fun, effective and 100% positive!

Mel can provide:

1. Assistance with deciding if now is the right time for you and your family to be getting a dog/puppy

2. Assistance selecting the right dog for your family

3. What you need to do before the puppy comes home

4. 6 in-home personal training sessions

  • Learn how to care for a new puppy, how to meets its daily needs and ultimately have a beautiful understanding of the dog in front of you.
  • Master ONE totally achievable training skill every week
  • Put your new skills to use in YOUR home – where you need it most!
  • Involve your WHOLE family in the training – YES! Kids too.
  • Play training games that make learning FUN!
  • Build a safe and happy house with your dog and kids!

5. An Online Family Video Program – Peace Love Kids and Dogs

  • The pre-puppy section will help you prepare for your new arrival.
  • The parents’ program has all the most important tools for raising kids and a dog together
  • The kids’ program is a “Special Agent Centre” where they’ll have so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning!
  • The Puppies section will help you with toileting, overnight training, what to do in those first 24hours.
  • AND there’s even “in a nutshell” videos to help keep grandparents and nannies on the same page.

6. Trouble Shoot Unwanted Behaviours and Learn how to Understand your Dog/Puppy Better

  • “Behavioural problems” often stem from not meeting our dogs daily requirements or something in the environment that is not helping them to get it right.
  • If you don’t want the full 6 week program or your puppy/dog is already a bit older – we can still help!
  • Learn how to care for a new puppy/ dog, how to meets its daily needs and ultimately have a beautiful understanding of the dog in front of you.


Private in-home or Remote session

  • $150 per hour for in-home or $130 per hour for Phone/Zoom Consultation.
  • $680 if you go with the 6 week in-home personal training, which also includes the online family video program thrown in for FREE!

During your sessions you will be provided with resources, handouts and a follow up summary from your session. This will also include a follow up phone call 1-2 weeks after your session to make sure you are all on track with everything you have learnt.

To make a booking

Get in touch via the form below so together, you and Mel can work out what service/package will be best suited to help you, your dog and your family.