Am I doing this Parenting thing right??

How many of you have asked yourself this question?

I know I have, in fact, I ask myself this question all the time!


Mummmmmmmmm, I want more….   Mummmmmmmmm, get me this….

Mummmmmmmmmm, get me that…   Mummmmmmmm, I don’t want that…

Mummmmmmmm, she’s hurting me…   Mummmmmmm, he took my toy…

Mummmmmmmm, he’s hurting me…   Mummmmmmm, she took my toy…

Mummmmmmm Mummmmmm Mummmmmm Mummmmmmm.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Give me some bloody peace and quiet please!!!

Yep – it’s been one of those weeks for me… And I just need to vent!

Harper is nearly 3.5 and Paxton nearly 2 so at the moment I pretty much have a threenager and the terrible twos on my case. Yes, Harper has matured greatly in the week since starting kinder. She is loving it and has made me so incredibly proud with her transition. She’s also so polite and well behaved when she’s on her own. Paxton, is adorable, funny and loving but he is going through a very naughty and cheeky stage. He is loving being at crèche two days a week, but is struggling a little with the adjustment of Harper starting Kinder as he’s missing having his big sister around all the time. On their own, their angels but when you stick the two of them together, they are terrors, there is chaos, they are mad and they encourage each other to be naughty. Don’t get me wrong, I love their fun, quirky personalities, but they’ve definitely been overstepping the boundaries a bit lately. Jase and I have found ourselves constantly telling the kids off this week and saying NO to everything!! Sometimes I wish I could put myself outside with Cooper.

I ask myself ALL the time, “am I do this Parenting thing, correctly?”

I know you might be thinking, “they’re just kids”, “its normal for them to be experimenting with the world, life and new things” and “they’re just having some fun” and part of me agrees, but the other part of me is always conscious of making sure that I am parenting them correctly so they turn into well mannered, well balanced, well behaved, good kids!

The thing that Jase and I seem to be struggling with the most, is how to discipline them.

Paxton thrives off being told off. If you get angry and yell at him, it almost excites him and makes him want to do it even more. I think ignoring the naughty behaviour is a good idea at times with him, as he is often doing it for attention. Unless his behaviour is dangerous (which is quite often these days), I feel like you can’t just ignore it! We’ve tried time outs with Harper and that didn’t seem to work with her. I might give it a go with Paxton, although, given his personality, I’m also not sure he will respond well to that, but it’s worth a shot! I’m at my wits end this week with what to do and how to “Parent” my children.


I did get some advice from a friend in regards to the constant bickering my kids have been doing over sharing toys and taking it in turns. Harper, being the older sister is constantly snatching from Paxton and wanting whatever he is playing with. Personally, I don’t think this is very fair as she always wins. So now we have started a timing system. I set an alarm for 1-2 minutes on my phone and when the bell rings, they must swap. They are learning to share and take turns, way better with this! But it’s a bit of a pain for me to have to do all the time with everything they play with!

You Are Not Alone!!

I was flicking through the internet yesterday, checking out some parenting websites, and the one really reassuring thing I found out, is that I am not alone!!! We all have those days, those weeks, those months, where our kids whinge and wine, and do our heads in. Where we feel like we have zero personal space. There is no denying that I love my kids more than anything in the world, despite how much they can piss me off at times. It’s just reassuring to know that so many other parents feel the same way too.
It’s Just A Phase, Or Is It?!

The other thing that gets me through all of this, is just knowing that it’s just a phase. It will pass! Everything does! Doesn’t it?????? Here’s hoping!


Find What Works For You!

Sorry, I know this post isn’t super encouraging. It hasn’t really given you any guidance or advice on parenting, I’m still learning along the way too! I guess what we can take from this is that at the end of the day, every kid is different. There are so many different ways to discipline and to “parent” your child. You just need to find what works for you and your kids. It’s very much the same as training a dog. There are so many different beliefs and theories. Test out a few, and find out what works for you. But just keep in mind, what works this week, might not work next week and embrace it. Isn’t that what parenting is all about. Right?! It is by far the BEST, yet the HARDEST job in the world!!

How Do You Guys Discipline Your Kids??

So, in saying that, I’d love to hear from you! How do you do it? How do you discipline your kids? Things that have really worked or things that really haven’t… Leave me a comment below. You need to scroll far down to find the comments section (sorry, I’m working on fixing this at the moment).


Mel xox



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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    My kids were out of control particularly the middle child (my daughter)! hahaha xox
    Mooshy, I continue to learn so much from you. I am so proud of you. Your kiddies are blessed to have you as their mum xox