Our baby muma… Lara!

Jase and I fell in love with Lara pretty quickly – she is from Goorambat Breeders (breeder one). She is a gorgeous dog with the most amazing nature!!

When Jase and I were recently honeymooning in Bali, David and Kerryn (the breeders) sent us an email telling us that they were taking Lara for an ultrasound to find out if she was pregnant. We were anxious and excited to find out the results. A couple of days later we received another email from them with this photo…

She is pregnant!!!
Lara was mated with in early June. The gestation period in dogs is normally 9 weeks or 63 days from the first day that they are bred. This means that Lara will be due to have her pups in the first week of August!
I spoke to the Breeders yesterday and they have invited me along to watch Lara’s cesarean next Monday morning. Although most people would be grossed out – I am totally over the moon!

So why the cesarean you ask? Last year David and Kerryn unsuccessfully tried to have Lara mated. In a quest to find answers as to why they contacted the reproductive specialist at Monash Medical Vet. He told them that he would take a closer look when she came into season next. So when she came into season in June, Lara was taken to the vet and he found a stricture. The stricture means that Lara would be unable to stretch big enough to enable normal matings and that an Artificial insemination would be needed and a cesar to birth the pups. Thankfully this is not something that is hereditary.

David told me “As we have not done this before we had a million questions for the vet but he answered them all with a positive response and set our minds at ease by adding that this is a procedure that has been done many times before and is not all that uncommon.”

Lara is still in perfect health. She has had all the tests required by the Golden Retriever Club and Dogs Victoria showing low hip and elbow scores, good eye scores and a healthy heart.

David and Kerryn will be keeping one of the girls from Lara’s litter and Jase and I are first in line for a male!

Only 6 more sleeps till the pups are born! I AM SO EXCITED!!




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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Woo Hoo I can't wait only 6 sleeps or in my case 5 1/2 as I have to get up at 0430 to give Lara the pre med injection and then 8 weeks of fun with the house full of little noises and the pitter patter of little paws.
    We also get to meet all our new puppy people and watch as they become more excited about their new addition growing into little people in preperation for moving to their new homes.
    We are so pleased that Mel & Jase decided to go with us as we think they are going to be wonderful parents and look forward to keeping in contact with them over the years to come.

  2. Mel Thurin
    Mel Thurin says:

    Good question. For us it was more of a personal preference. I have always had male dogs. However, Jase has grown up with female dogs. After lot's of discussion we would both also be happy with a female dog. I will discuss more about choosing between male and female dogs in out 2 posts time and what the important things are to look out for. So keep a look out for it!