It’s kind of like a tinder for dogs and it’s called DOGSHARE

Guys- I have just gotten involved in something pretty cool and I’m excited to share it with you all…..

It’s kind of like a tinder for dogs and it’s called DOGSHARE.


The aim of Dogshare is to build an amazing community which introduces dog-owners to other dog-lovers in their neighbourhood… and in doing so provide the dogs of Australia (and their humans) with extra enrichment, affection, exercise, companionship (day or night) and perhaps even weekend and holiday stay-overs.

Did you know, that despite Australia having one of the highest rates of dog ownership in the world, not every animal gets the attention it deserves. And not everyone who loves dogs can have one. An unfortunate fact is that 70% of dogs don’t get a daily walk. That’s a statistic Dogshare is hoping to change. Many dogs live in busy households and by using Dogshare, with owners teaming up locally, they can provide a more enriched life for their dog and create a village of support in a hyper-local setting.

Dogshare is a seriously incredible concept and already has such a large and loyal community so I want to share with you how it started and what it’s all about as I am sure it would be SO perfect for so many of you and your dogs.

Dogshare began out of Jess’s own desire to find additional exercise and companionship outlets for her exuberant German Shorthaired Pointer Duke. She found that despite being home a lot (at that time she had two young children under 5 and worked short hours during the week) and daily walks, Duke was still craving extra attention and had begun barking whilst no one was home.

Jess struck up a relationship with a neighbour whom also had a young exuberant dog (Border Collie) and they would take it in turns to take the dogs out morning and evening. Jess began picking Betty (the Border Collie) up if she found herself at home for an afternoon and she was able to run around with Duke and both would enjoy the companionship.

By helping one another out Jess found that it took little extra effort to help another dog and owner, but when the favour was returned it was highly valuable and provided a better outcome for Duke.

The neighbour moved away and Jess was left with the feeling that there must be others who would appreciate such a system.

Dogshare was born in late 2014 and has grown to a nation-wide reach of dog-lovers who are now successfully organising;

  • Park playdates: A more predictable way to organise your dog’s interactions
  • Reciprocal walking: Take it in turns to walk your dog + a neighbours
  • Backyard Sharing: If two dogs are proven to get along, they can spend a day in the one backyard providing company. Works also for people who work from home and are happy to take care and supervise another dog alongside their own
  • Weekend Stays: Once you have established a trusting friendship with Dogshare pals, the sky’s the limit and many of users have organised vacation arrangements on the back of solid friendships made

More recently, they have added “helpers” to the website. These are people who love dogs, but can’t currently own one due to circumstances. It is a huge deal to trust your dog with a ‘stranger’ but all applicants are screened. Like the entire Dogshare concept it’s important for members to get to know one another over a period of time. The definition of friendship is getting to know a stranger. And with users firmly in control of their own interactions on the website, they take responsibility over screening and scrutinising those they are considering as potential ‘sharers’.

The website is operated with a low cost subscription service for all members within Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan zones. Outside these two cities, they offer free Ambassador accounts whilst still growing service across Australia. They also work closely with Dog Businesses, in particular local business (Trainers, Groomers & Vets) to bring doggy enthusiasts and professionals together on the one platform with the aim of improving the lives of all dogs and dog lovers.

I was introduced to Jess ( the founder), who like me has three kids and a dog, so as you can imagine we hit it off straight away. As a qualified dog trainer and blogger I will be joining the Dogshare team to assist with blogging, introducing more resources and educational content for their members. Given I still want to be a very hands on mum, this is the perfect role for me right now and I am so excited.

Check them out and if it’s something of interest, go and join this amazing community.


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Mel xox

Disclaimer: Cooper and Kids will not be liable for anything that happens to you, your dog or children by following the advice and tips in this article. If you have real concerns or worries about your dog and/or safety of your children, please seek out a professional to come and assess the situation asap.



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