How do I choose between a male or female dog?

So you’ve chosen to get a dog, you’ve chosen the breed and the breeder. Now it is time to choose which sex to get…

Some people just have a preference. Jase and I have decided to get a male. Jase has always had female dogs and wants a change and I have always had male dogs and want to stick to that! It has nothing to do with us liking boys anymore than girls; it’s just our personal preference right now.

It is important to know that there are some characteristics that are common in females and other characteristics that are common in males. Before choosing your puppy it is important to evaluate these characteristics and determine which sex would fit in best with you and your lifestyle. Additionally, if you already have another dog at home, choosing between a male and female is also important.

General differences between males and females.

Male dogs tend to be more demanding of attention, affectionate, play, and focused on human beings than female dogs, who generally are more independent and inconsistent in their focus on their human companions. A male is also more likely to be fun-loving and outgoing throughout his lifetime than a female. Females can be every bit as loving but after a while they may prefer to go off on their own, whereas males are likely to accept as much attention and pampering as you are willing to give them. It is also important to note that if you do not de-sex your female she will come into heat at approximately one year of age and roughly every six months after. During this time, there will be some bleeding as well as a change in mood or behaviour. Female dogs also tend to become more reserved as they age, where’s male dogs seem to maintain more puppy-like exuberance throughout their life.  

What if you already have a dog?

If you already have one dog, your next one should ideally be of the opposite sex, since dogs of the same sex are more likely to compete for dominance in the family. This has been found to be more common in females. 

*The information above is general in nature and will vary depending on dog and breed.


So how do you make the decision?

Unless you are planning to breed puppies in your own home, there really is not that much difference between a male and a female dog. And of course, if you already have a dog at home you should probably look at the opposite sex for your next dog. But truthfully, the choice should be based on your own personal preference the sense of connection you feel with an individual dog.


Jase and I are about to head to David and Kerryn’s house to help worm the puppies. Look out for my next post as I am sure we will have some good stories from today!!



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  1. Lisa Klibansky
    Lisa Klibansky says:

    I heard an expression once, which was –

    boys = noise with dirt on it.

    I believe this applies to male puppies as well!