Bringing the puppy home – best birthday present ever!

After many many months of waiting, I actually can’t believe that the time has come…
Cooper is home safe and sound and Jase and I are in heaven with our new addition to the family.
Brining a puppy home is a very big deal and from my previous posts, you should now be aware that a lot of preparation goes into getting a puppy.
After an almost sleepless night we went to David and Kerryn’s house this morning to pick up our little man.

Cooper was very well behaved in the car on the way home – no motion sickness or whining. He just chilled with me in the back seat.

After only being home for a few hours now, Cooper has already;
Used his doggy door a few times (although I was holding the flap up) – but he did it without me bribing him with treats! He has toileted outside 3 times and eaten very happily. He has been on his lead and taken next door to meet the neighbours and their little boys. And as it’s my birthday today, we have had lots of visitors so Cooper has played and bonded with my parents and some of my friends. 
Now he is exhausted and fast asleep next to the couch next to where I am sitting.
Jase and I are already so in love.

I will keep this post short and sweet, as this is just the beginning of all the fun!!
So stay tuned for lots and lots of puppy fun, new experiences and the challenges that come with training!!!
If you have a new puppy and have any behavioural issues you would like me to go through – please let me know, as I am sure we will be going through the same thing!!



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