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Caring for a dog actually makes you happier and healthier

When I was at university, as apart of my psychology major, I studied a subject called positive psychology. For my major assessment, my group did a study looking into the correlation between happiness and dog ownership. At the time, there wasn’t much information on this. But I found the topic so interesting that I have […]

My Dog’s Recovery from Meningitis

Cooper’s Progress…  It’s been almost two months since Cooper was diagnosed with Meningitis so I thought it was time I give you all an update. In my last post I mentioned how Cooper became extremely depressed when he was on a high dose of the steroids, he also lost 4 kg in about a week. […]

My Dog Has Meningitis

Two weeks ago our 12 month old Golden Retriever, Cooper, was diagnosed with Steroid Responsive Meningitis-Arteritis. What were the signs that my dog had Meningitis? A few months ago Cooper was not himself. He is usually a boisterous dog so it is very noticeable when he is not feeling well. He was moving slower and […]

Cooper turns One!

 I cannot believe that this time last year I was at the vet with Cooper’s breeders, watching his mum, Lara, give birth to 7 beautiful pups – one of which is now such a big part of our family. Wow how time flies! We only took Cooper home at 8 weeks of age, which means […]

The Big Topic Of Food!!

  I am going to start out by saying that I think a lot of us will have to agree to disagree on this topic. But for the sake of my blog – I thought I should let my followers know what we feed Cooper and why.  This is one of those topics like I […]

Raising your dog, your way.

Just over a month ago I started a facebook group called Dog Lovers Melbourne!! Now with almost 470 members there is constant activity and discussions about everything and anything to do with your dog. Along with this group, and my desire toread and research, it has confirmed how many different ways there are of doing everything […]

Are you the leader of your pack?

After going to the Dog Lover Show in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago I have been inspired by the Dog Listener, Tony Knight. He spoke about the pack mentality and I swear I have seen a big change in Coop already, just after two weeks of implementing his theories. It is actually pretty simple, […]

A big lesson learnt…

I learnt a big lesson yesterday and I need to share it with you guys… I took Cooper to go and visit my Aunty and Uncle’s dog, Ollie the Groodle. Ollie is only 1 so between he and Cooper, their energy is pretty crazy and hyper. Anyway, when I got to my Aunty and Uncle’s […]