And the journey begins…

‘mydogjourney’ is my story about getting and raising a new puppy.

Through my journey I want to guide new dog owners and answer all those questions you may have. This blog is to help educate people who haven’t had much experience with dogs and need a little push in the right direction when making the big decisions.

My journey will take you through some of the tough decisions you may face such as deciding to get a dog, choosing a breed, finding the right breeder, preparing your home, choosing the right pup from the litter, bringing your new pup home, basic training skills and much much more!!

I am a qualified dog trainer but more importantly as you could tell from my facebook or instagram account, I am totally obsessed and passionate about dogs and in particular puppies. I want to share my story and knowledge with all of you to try and make our dogs live the happiest lives they can…



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Do you have strategies as to how to convince a husband into buying a dog? 🙂 not sure if a letter in the mail will work for him!!

  2. Mel Thurin
    Mel Thurin says:

    My next post should help you!! I am going to blog about 'if a dog is right for you'. Hopefully it will give you some handy tips to persuade your hubby. What breed would you like to get? Maybe take him to visit a breeder when they have pups? Who can resist gorgeous little puppies?!…

  3. Kylie
    Kylie says:

    Congratulations Mel on your blog. I hope that you will also be recommending people contact their local shelters and rescue groups to find their perfect dog, rather than automatically contacting a breeder. Contrary to public opinion, shelters and rescue groups do have puppies who are needing their forever homes – we got out two guys 8 years ago as gorgeous pups. There are also lots of deserving older dogs who need a home and they give lots of thanks and love to their new owners. Regards, Kylie

  4. Mel Thurin
    Mel Thurin says:

    Thanks Kylie! I will definitely blog about this. I think what the shelters and rescue groups do is incredible and all dogs deserve a loving home.